Signature of Bach spelling his name in notes
The aim and final goal of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul.
    —Johann Sebastian Bach.
Und soll wie aller Musik, also auch des Generalbasses, Finis und Endursache anders nicht als nur zu Gottes Ehre und Recreation des Gemütes sein.
    —Johann Sebastian Bach.

This page contains what I will call Schemelli 4-voice chorales, that is, my own 4-voice realizations of the 75 songs for solo voice to which Bach added figured bass, as commissioned by publisher Georg Schemelli in 1736. Bach and Schemelli expected a harpsichord or organ continuo accompaniment according to the figures published, so four-voiced realization was not the intent (although others, apparently including Bach students, and musicians such as the late Sir David Willcocks, have done so, too), and thus sometimes minor modifications to either voice or bass are necessary, so these are not the BGA (Bach-Gesellschaft-Ausgabe) scores.

Realizing a four-voice chorale texture from a melody and bass with continuo figures is not the same task as realizing the latter as continuo per se. In the continuo case, three needed voices each have a degree of freedom, while constrained be consistent with and contrapuntally independent from the bass. In the chorale-building case, the two needed voices have only two degrees of freedom, and must be contrapuntally consistent with not only the bass, but the extant voice. This requires a different technique, and is (of course) more akin to chorale-composing than figured-bass realizing.

As with any figured-bass realization, the composer and realizer share credit in a complex way. You are free to use/share these non-commercially. The numbering system (left column in the table below) is the same as in the Schemelli-songbook of the BGA. Much pleasure on this site! (Do me and yourself a small favor and listen with headphones on please).

All 75 (NEW!) Schemelli chorales for four part mixed voices (made by me) will be added in this table:
2323 scores. Latest five: 11, 12, 13, 42, 14 11, 12, 13, 42, 14 (rightmost = latest)

Melody title index:

Schemelli chorales
No. Title Schemelli chorale BWV Thumbnail-link to playable score
1. Ach dass nicht die letzte Stunde 439
2. Auf, auf! die rechte Zeit ist hier 440
3. Auf, auf! mein Herz, mit freuden 441
4. Beglückter Stand getreuer Seelen 442
5. Beschränkt, ihr Weisen dieser Welt 443
6. Brich entzwei, mein armes Herze 444
7. Brunnquell aller Güter 445
8. Der lieben Sonne Licht und Pracht 446
9. Der Tag ist hin, die Sonne gehet nieder 447
10. Der Tag mit seinem Lichte 448
11. Dich bet ich an, mein höchster Gott 449
12. Die bittre Leidenszeit beginnet 450
13. Die gold'ne Sonne, voll Freud' und Wonne 451
14. Dir, dir, Jehova, will ich singen 299
20. Es ist vollbracht! 458
32. Ich liebe Jesum alle Stund' 468
33. Ich steh' an deiner Krippen hier 469
39. Jesus, unser Trost und Leben 475
42. Komm, süßer Tod, komm sel'ge Ruh 478
48. Liebster Herr Jesu, wo bleibst du so lange 484
58. O Jesulein süss, o Jesulein mild 493
61. Schaff's mit mir, Gott, nach deinem Willen 514
66. So gehst du nun, mein Jesu, hin 484